Fits like a glove!

Gloves are a fantastic way to accessorize a dull coat. Choose from fingerless, long, flip back and many materials. They vary in price from the super cheap supermarket fleecy ones to the exquisite leather and cashmere ones. Here's my pick of the top three gloves!

Super cute and totally practical, these purple pretties from Monsoon are a steal at £8 and are in the seasons hot colour. Also available in pink and other colours, they have a pretty diamante in the button which adds a bit of glam. Get them at Monsoon.
For more of an investment glove, go for leather. They get better looking as they age and they are uber warm. If you think black leather gloves are the stereotype of an old dowdy granny, think again! These turquoise gloves are £18 from Monsoon again but do think of them as an investment, keep your hands warm whilst de-icing the car (something which cannot be done in woolly gloves!) Get your hands on them
If you have super cold hands that have a tendency to turn blue at a small drop in temperate, they're sure to be frozen cold in the winter! That's why you must get hold of these UGG Australia sheepskin fur lined gloves! Kinda eskimo-ey and a modern take on furry cave-woman mittens, these are sure to be toasty. Slightly pricier at $105 down from $140 but they'll last for generations and hey, it's UGG! Available at Bloomingdales