Bridal French Manicure in 10 steps with pale pink polish

Your gorgeous dress and glowing smile may be the earliest things on show on your big day, but for much of the remainder of the day your hands will be centre of attention - chiefly your left hand. It's no good spending weeks preparing to look utterly breathtaking if you abandon your nails, so make the most of your hands with our simple 10-step guide to the classic French manicure for Pakistani Brides 2011.
1.      Condition your hands by massaging in a hand emulsion last thing at night for at least a month by the wedding. You'll soon see a difference.
2.      Use cuticle oil regularly to keep dry skin and droop nails to a minimum.
3.      Trim your nails to the same duration and file them carefully. Decide whether you prefer square or curved shapes before you begin.
4.      Apply a single layer of base coat and tolerate to dry.